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explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio Video Creator Review – an Explainer Video Creation Software

Explaindio Video Creator is out and is much more advanced in 2019 (update August 2019).

I have been using it for the last 5 years and have highly benefited from it’s simple use. The money I paid has enabled me to create simple explainer videos for my own business and also for my clients too. I’ve been using this tool more than the other video tools ever since I purchased Explaindio Video Maker.

I use these tools in my work and want to share with you how it has made a big difference in creating my own high quality video presentations.


Explaindio is not a cloud software and it can operate both on a Windows or MAC computers that is easy to install and easy to use.

No prior skills are required to operate  Explaindio Video Creator software. I know because I teach people how to use software products. This is easy to use with a small learning curve. Heck, if my 10 year daughter back than can use this software (update: she’s now 14 in 2019) then you too can use it without any problem what so ever.

I don’t want to use up any more of your time explaining how great it is. If you’re in a hurry just head over there and try it out.

You can take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain from having this kind of video creation tool on your computer andin your business to generate quality videos for now and ever. I say that with a solid standing because this software is here for the long run, years to come. It is in it’s 5th year now.

Explaindio sales page: Explaindio Video Creator

You Can Now Create Attention-Grabbing, Professional-Quality Videos!

This article is an Exlaindio Video Creator Review.

With Explaindio Video Creator  you can create popular videos of the following kind with ease.


  • Explaindio Animated Explainers.
  • Explaindio Whiteboard Sketches.
  • Explaindio High Defintion video – with Audio!

Explaindio Video Creator is suitable for:

  • Marketers
  • Startups and Small Business Owners
  • Trainers and Educators
  • Video Consultants
  • People Who work over at Fiverr and similar service orientated sites.
  • Hobbyist
  • Teachers, students etc.
  • Webmasters who are keen on creating high quality videos.

Create Attention Grabbing High Quality Videos with Explaindio Video Creator

You can create attention-grabbing marketing videos in just minutes that will make you stand out from the crowd and present you in a professional manner to be admired.

Increase Conversion Rate

Video presentations are well known to increase your conversion rate, and your pitch effectiveness. Using videos on webpages tends to keep your visitors on your site longer and thereby lower your search engine bounce rate. Lower bounce rates are better for your sites ranking.

A Picture is Worth 1000 words… What is a Video Worth?

A picture is worth a thousand words and now imagine what a video is worth. With a video that is appealing, simple, and contains powerful visual metaphors, you can explain your ideas much more effectively and potently to educate and to show off your products, services or whatever you’re presenting to your audience.

Create Unlimited Royalty Free Videos

With Explaindio Video Creator you can now create unlimited royalty free videos and sell them to local businesses or to anyone on the internet. Marketing couldn’t be any better now when you’re equipped with a powerful video tool.

Falling in Love?

What is great about Explaindio Video Creator is that it is a tool that you will get to love over and over. Once you have mastered the tool you will be churning out high quality videos for your business, hobby, teaching or whatever you want to send across to your audience.

High Quality Videos

The product is up there with other high quality video creating tools and with a very affordable price tag too. You’ll be silly to let this one go.

Explaindio Developers are very serious about their top video product!

The developers are so serious about Explaindio Video Creator that they have put in extra resources to keep the product alive for years to come. The downside is that you need to renew your license if you want to continue to use it next year. The good news is that it is a yearly renewal but with a low price tag. Hack this is still way better than the competition who charges a monthly fee the equivalent yearly for Explaindio.

Very Affordable Video Creation Tool – still the best since the introduction in 2015! It has been the best video creator software for the last 5 years.

In my opinion Explaindio Video Creator beats the competition in price and value. If you need to create presentation videos then get it, it is too good to let go.

I hope my Explaindio Video Creator Review has shone some light on your curiosity.

This has been a short and clear review of Explaindio Video Creator. For more information please click here.

Churn out high quality videos for your businessThe #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video Creation Software. Check Out Explaindio Video Creator Today
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The Ultimate Banner Plugin Review

Every website owner will benefit from the use of this product on their website(s).

You can now create professional looking banners right within the backend of your wordpress website.

Create Banners Just Like These!

The Ultimate Banners Plugin WordPress Ads Creator

Who is it for?

Anyone who owns or has 1 or more websites.

What does it do?

It is a plugin that will help you save immediate money and time by helping you to build your own expert and pro looking banners directly on your websites backend.

You can create banners for ANY product you want to promote in seconds, customising a banner quickly from an extensive template collection.

This game-changing plugin will allow you to:

  1. Make custom mobile-responsive banners, sidebars, pop-ups, and opt-ins simply and quickly, for immediate use.
  2. A/B test everything to see what’s working best.
  3. Show different offers on different pages, or multiple offers on the same page.
  4. Easily change colors, text, and images.
  5. Control it all from one easy-to-use admin panel.

The Ultimate Banner Plugin includes everything you need to build the site elements that engage visitors, grow your list, and increase sales.

All you have to do is customize the templates, publish them on your pages, and let them go to work for you.

What are the benefits to you?

Save money that would have otherwise go into paying for an agency or your web designer. This product is sure to help increase visitor engagement and thereby generate sales for your products and services.

Manage everything in one convenient admin area… all conveniently inside your WordPress admin area. Intelligently control how, when and to whom banners are displayed to. A lot of features have gone into this plugin. It is a no brainer that this is a product heavy with value with so little cost.

Say goodbye to the stress, hassle, and cost of paying a designer or wrestling with Canva.

Responsive ad maker

And this is huge: Everything is mobile responsive. As you know, most banners look terrible on mobile, because they’re just image blocks that don’t resize. If you want them to be responsive, you’ve got to fork over big bucks to a programmer to get the code.

No more.

Inside the Ultimate Banner Plugin
Ultimate Banner Plugin generates the code for you when you create the banner, so it’s simple to have great-looking offers on any device.

Have a look and take advantage of the early-bird discount
Click Here

* Built-in banner creator
A banner creation factory that is easy to use. Use an one of the existing library of templates or create new ones.

* Easy to use shortcodes
Generate are unique shortcode and systematically use it through the site at prominant locations to make the biggest impact.

* Integrates with ANY Autoresponder
The plugin has so much value it even integrates with your autoresponder for lead capture.

* Turn banners on/off
Simply to use and turn off any banner you like or quickly alter the destination url to match a different product.

* Intelligent banner display tracking
Another cool feature is the ability to Track hits and views to efficiently measure any statistical data to see how effective your banners are.

* Categorise your banner groups

* Track views/conversions and more

Create all sorts of banner ads:

– Sidebar Banners

– In-Post Banners

– Even CTA Buttons

– Full Width Banners

– Video Embedded Banners

– Testimonial Banners

It’s time you started cashing in on your hard work in a seriously simple and ridiculously cheap way.

Watch the video here

Watch the short intro video to find out how they combine a series of technologies that have been proven to increase opt-ins by up to 1375%, through pattern interrupt technology and SO much more.

The Ultimate Banners Plugin Review

Finally, get yourself back in the driver’s seat of monetizing your website.

Review: Google Sniper 3.0 2014 – 2015 by George Brown

googlesniper-square-littleI’ve really been waiting for a product like this for a long time.

It’s well known that there are numerous “make money loopholes” or “push button software’s” available for sale that are fitted with the capability to deliver money to you on the web, but yet there’s absolutely nothing much better than a successful technique that actually works. A detailed step-by-step guideline which takes you from battling to generate a penny, to generating commission on auto-pilot for many months on end.

Google Sniper by George Brown is exactly that, and it’s a program that will take you through choosing a niche, finding high volume targeted keywords, how to pick a program to market and to building your own WordPress website to get it indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It truly is probably the most foolproof system accessible today.

It is not only a correctly explained training course anybody can study, the process essentially kicks ass! It’ll take you on average about 2-4 hrs to generate a Sniper site, that includes every little thing through getting acquainted with a niche market to finding a product to promote (if you stick to the steps correctly). Following this, it is definitely all systems go…

Google Sniper 3 – 2014 2015

As individuals all of us value time greater than money, right? Actually an approach that generates you a lot of money but takes you sixteen working hours each day to be effective isn’t a good one. Yes indeed, you’ll generate an income, however you won’t have much time to take joy in that money. But Google Sniper actually allows you to make commission on auto-pilot. It may take on average 2-4 hours to set up, and then you simply can just settle back. Just why?

There is virtually no traffic generation involved!

  • No Pay per click marketing
  • No Back Link Building
  • No Social Networking – No Squidoo, Twits, Tumblr or anything of that type
  • No Cost per action
  • No More Spending Time On Months Of Content Either…

It is an awesome strategy, and it’s easy to learn.

Google Sniper is a real must for anyone who is planning to make money online. The 104-page publication walks you throughout the process, which is enhanced by the step-by-step walk-through videos. The monthly option of Sniper X further keeps everything current, and offers you essentially more techniques and practices to make more money from your very own sniper sites. However that choice is non-compulsory …

That being said, this system has a lot more successes produced in comparison with other “generate income strategy“? It’s a smart and practical choice; find out about it here –